Heating And Furnace Installation

Do you have a new furnace you need installed?  We’re here to help; we specialize in heating and furnace installation in Charlotte and all surrounding areas.  Before we replace your existing unit with a new unit, we need to make sure your existing unit can’t be repaired first to save you some money if possible.

One of the most common problems we find is motor dysfunction. In other words, it is when the units motor stops working.  If not corrected, this can lead to other problems as well.  There could also be some other issues that might be hampering the heating system that need to be addressed which we can diagnose for you.

If you decide to hire Cube HVAC to repair your furnace, it wouldn’t hurt to be well informed regarding the fundamental aspects of your heating system.  There are many components but the major items include the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and electric coils.  It can be helpful to be familiar with this terminology so when our service technicians are discussing your unit’s issues with you, you’ll have a basic understanding of the system.

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