How important is regular maintenance?

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to keep the central air conditioning unit fit for maximum performance and efficiency. If servicing is not done on a regular basis, you are likely to face a major breakdown and be forced to buy a new unit or pay for costly repairs. For those of you who are not aware, a common HVAC unit normally loses about five percent of its effectiveness per year of regular use, but maintenance done on regular basis can help minimize this loss and keeps it performing at 95 percent efficiency.

If you keep up your HVAC maintenance plan, you will quickly recoup your repair costs the following ways:
• Increased living conditions by maintaining the proper temperatures in your home
• Reduced electric bills
• Little or no repair costs

Should I sign up for an annual service plan?
Once you purchase your unit it is advisable that you hire an expert such as Cube HVAC to service your unit regularly.  By having us on board from the start, you won’t have to worry if your unit will be able to handle the summer heat or the cold winters.

What’s typically included with your air conditioning service plan?
• Cleaning the condensing unit coils
• Checking the compressors amperes
• Oiling the fan motors
• Checking the belts for any adjustments as well as wear and tear
• Checking the systems operating temperatures and pressures to make sure that they perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications
• Checking the units refrigerant level
Every three months at a minimum, you should check, clean and replace your system’s air filters.  Don’t know where your air filter is located?  Don’t worry, we can help you clean and change your air filters as needed.  Another potential problem that often gets over looked is poorly insulated and leaky ductwork.  Thirty percent of a unit’s cooling potential can escape from poorly insulated and leaky ductwork.  Contact us today and we can check your ductwork for leaks and repair if any leaks are detected.

What should you do if you’ve already set up an appointment with us?
You should take a few minutes to prepare before we visit your home
• Confirm the date and time of the appointment and ensure that there is an adult home who can let our service professional inside to inspect your indoor unit
• Have your past repairs, maintenance records, service contracts, or warranties available if you have them
• Prepare a list of questions that you may wish to ask our service professional during the appointment

If you want to get started on a regular heating and air maintenance plan, give us a call today!