3 Signs You Need Central Heating And Air Conditioning

Your heating and cooling system is likely to be one that lasts for many years and gives you trouble-free, year-round comfort. However, sometimes things happen no matter how stable an HVAC system seems. Here are three things to look and listen for which will indicate that you need to call for Central Heating And Air Conditioning right away.



While these signs do not point to there being an emergency, you need to act fast. If you delay in contacting a local professional HVAC company for help, you could experience a complete breakdown of the system, or you could cause yourself to spend much more on a repair than you otherwise would had you acted promptly.

 1)  Wailing and Whirring Noises

If you hear what sounds like a wailing or whirring noise, shut the power off as soon as you can. The problem could be that the bearings in the fan are going bad, or it could mean that the motor has to be replaced because the bearings have already gone bad.


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You can get an idea of which it might be when you shut the power off and grab the motor shaft. If it has some give, it needs to be replaced. If not, you need your HVAC professional to come and replace the bearings.

2)  Look For Freezing Coils

Be sure your unit is away from tall grass, weeds or anything else that can block the air from flowing freely. Otherwise, the coils can freeze during cold weather, causing the unit to break down.  This problem can also be caused by an old, worn out filter. You can avoid making a service call to your HVAC expert by replacing the filter regularly and inspecting the unit regularly to make sure nothing is blocking the air vents.

3)  Look For Leaks

Have you noticed water dripping from the unit on the inside? Call your local air conditioning expert right away. Do not delay when leaks are involved as they can lead to serious damage to the unit as well as your home.
It could also cause mold to grow fast. The problem might be a minor one such as a damaged condensation pan, or it could be a break in the HVAC lines which is more serious. Either way, this is the one sign you must act on fast.

The above signs are typically the warnings any HVAC system gives off before something serious happens. In all cases, do your best to contact your professional contractor right away. While it may end up being a minor repair, it is better to pay for a minor HVAC repair than one involving a broken down system.

One way to stay ahead of having any warning signs is by getting on a regular maintenance schedule with your local heating and cooling company. They can check to make sure everything is running smoothly as well as vacuum the coils and replace the filter. Ideally, you want to do this two times a year.


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